As in sport, the best in business have coaches.

There is no better way to turn vision into reality. As your coach I inspire, motivate and check in from the meta level – an outside view that opens up new perspectives. My book “Unternehmerblut’ sums up my coaching approach. What makes a successful entrepreneur? How do I empower my employees to be entrepreneurs of their own abilities? And how to create long term entrepreneurial business culture?

Ten characteristics that make a successful entrepreneur. Ten characteristics that will enable you to move above average performance and push the limits.


Helping you reach your highest potential.

Pulse Check (1)

Where am I? / Where do I stand?

First we analyze your entrepreneurial blood count. Where are your skills? Where can you strengthen your strengths? Where do you achieve the most impact?

Design and Plan

What is my potential? How do I develop it?

Based on our ‘Pulse Check’ analysis, we develop your custom designed training plan that will power up your entrepreneurial blood cells – taking you, your team, and your business to the next level. Through focused implementation you fully develop your potential.


Implementation and Realization

This is where the training begins. I accompany you as a coach – involved and pragmatic. On a regular basis we check in on progress and plan. We make adjustments if necessary and keep you motivated to reach new levels.

Pulse Check (2)

What have we achieved?

The second pulse check is where the process comes full circle. We measure your progress, celebrate successes, and identify challenges. We recalibrate design and plan of the coaching journey to deepen and optimize your learning process.


Who I work with

I have learned from the best. I have supported entrepreneurs to become the best in their field. I coach a maximum of five entrepreneurs per year, and I accompany you to success.